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The “Foe” in Foe Hunters!

foes in foe hunters

Hey Everyone!

I have had a great response from everyone out there, especially those users on Reddit, Twitter, and BoardGameGeek; thanks for all the support and questions! One of the questions I have been getting the most of is about the Foe, so I figured I would take a minute to talk about them.

Right now in Foe Hunters there are four unique Foes. I have tentative plans for a couple of other Foes later, but the current iteration of the game supports 4. The Foe plays autonomously, so all of the players work together to defeat them and they follow a routine every turn to play itself. Each Foe consists of two phases and each have different requirements for transitioning from phase 1 to phase 2.

Now, onto the Foes!

Pirate Lord Keraxis

The first Foe in the game is the Pirate Lord Keraxis! The Pirate Lord is an aquatic humanoid that is feared for his brutality and loyal crew! He has a crew of loyal officers that the party will face as he attacks you from the safety of his ship, Fathom Bringer. Once you have defeated 5 of his officers, he will enter phase 2 and become Master Duelist Keraxis! Each Foe has a special ability that they will use, and the Pirate Lord fits right in with his theme: Each turn the Foe will “steal” cards from the City deck. Depending on the cost of the cards, he will then play additional cards from his own deck to signify that he is recruiting more pirates with your stolen booty!

The Pirate Lord is a neat foe that tends to make a lot of Vassals. The officers on his ship all have different abilities that will modify the ship and its crew. For example, while Master Gunner Oleth Burns is in play, all pirates deal an additional damage; Oleth Burns is a seasoned human pirate and gunman and bolsters the crew to fight harder. First Mate Raeth is a brutal Lizardman that gives all pirates an additional hit point while he is in play. Each of these officers have a unique ability and a sizable number of hit points as well! The Pirate Lord also keeps dozens of Deckhands, Gunners, and Strikers in his crew to help battle any intruders. Each of these threats are small on their own, dealing minimal damage and only having a handful of hit points; once you get 4 or 5 in play it is a different story, especially if they have an officer in play making them tougher!

Dreadmaster Xeudian

The next Foe in line is Dreadmaster Xeudian, a terrifying dark elf that subjugates all that pass through his domain! The Dreadmaster plays differently than the Pirate; he has very few Vassals in his employ, mostly his familiars and some magical constructs. The Dreadmaster doesn’t need Vassals to do his bidding, he turns the party against each other! Each turn he will make players discard cards from their deck and then take damage, signifying that they are using their abilities against each other. When he enters phase 2 he becomes The Architect of Madness; he begins nibbling at the Heroes by dealing small amounts of damage and healing himself along the way!

Many of the Dreadmaster’s cards revolve around controlling the party and minimizing their options. Several of his cards make players discard cards, or punish them when they use abilities or play cards. He has several persistent abilities that are very small at first, but as soon as they start to build up they begin to wreak havoc on the party unless they are dealt with!

The Cult of Oleg’Arth

The third Foe in Foe Hunters is the Cult of Oleg’Arth! This Foe works differently than the others so far: it doesn’t have hit points to begin with. The Cult deck starts out as a summoning circle and each turn it receives a sacrifice counter. When the circle reaches 10 counters the Foe enters phase 2 and the demon Oleg’Arth is summoned. The party has to try to slow down the clock while equipping their characters in time to face Oleg’Arth! 10 turns sounds like a long time though, right? Well, there is more to it than that! The Cult deck has dozens of Cultists that will start swarming out if uncontrolled; when there are 3 of these cultists in play they sacrifice themselves to the summoning circle and add another counter!

Once the Foe enters phase 2 it is a giant demon that begins attacking the party and healing damage. Whenever cultists are played from the deck he simply devours them to empower himself and deal damage to the party while healing himself at the same time! The Cult deck is interesting because it can be very volatile; there are several cards that play additional Foe cards, so it is hard to plot out how the turns will go when facing the Cult of Oleg’Arth!

Emberglow, the Flamebringer

Last but not least, every fantasy game needs a good Dragon to face! In Foe Hunters the dragon is Emberglow, the Flamebringer. This Foe starts out as an egg in phase 1, reducing the damage it takes and slowly building up a presence on the board. The party is trying to destroy the egg before Emberglow returns; once the egg is destroyed Emberglow appears and the Foe goes into phase 2! In phase 1 the Foe has several damaging abilities that will pop up, but even cooler is the party of Competing Dragonslayers! At some point in the fight a party of Competing Dragonslayers will appear and start to fight the party and the Foe at the same time!

Emberglow has a very cool mechanic (or maybe its just annoying ;)), when she enters phase 2 she will randomly play several Persistent Abilities from the Foe deck; the abilities that get played this way cannot be destroyed by the Heroes! You never know what you will get when you face this dragon and each time is different. Sometimes you will get a dragon that regenerates, other times you will get a dragon that casts spells and tries to control the party.

And there you have it.. a simple introduction to all of the Foes in Foe Hunters. Obviously there is a lot of stuff which isn’t covered here, and unfortunately I don’t have any art to spoil…. yet 😉 Thanks for reading, hopefully I have piqued your interest a little about the game. If you like what you see, please feel free to share and tell your friends about the game, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, and finally you can sign up for our newsletter on the right side to receive updates about the status of the game and when it will be on Kickstarter.

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