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Heroes Of Foe Hunters

heroes of foe hunters

I apologize for the delay since the last update, things have been crazy! The blind testing copies have been printed and they are being vetted internally now. If we have contacted you previously about blind testing, expect to get a message sometime soon with some details!

So, in the last post I talked about the evil Foes in Foe Hunters. People liked seeing the different foes, so I figured it was about time to introduce the Heroes! Currently there are 10 tested heroes with the potential to release with 12; I will give a brief description of each character and their playstyle to give you an idea of what they do!

Assassin: The Assassin is a female half Dark-Elf that can do insane amounts of melee damage. The Assassin has a neat playstyle that is very explosive, it has several persistent abilities that gain counters when certain things happen such as on turns that you do not deal damage. The Assassin can then sacrifice these abilities in a single turn and play several cards, cascading tons of damage on an opponent!

Alchemist: The Alchemist is a male Halfling, and as you can guess, he brews potions and cauldrons. The Alchemist has several Cauldrons that he can play that initially offer no benefit. As the turns go on, he slowly brews them up into powerful concoctions that he can use to do anything from heal the party to give people additional plays or cards!

Berserker: The Berserker is a male Half-Orc with a rage problem! As you may have guessed, he is a melee class that at first doesn’t seem like he does a lot; he has loads of cards that deal 2 or 3 damage each, but seem underwhelming. That is, until you read his special ability, RAGE! The Berserker has several abilities that force him to discard cards, sometimes more than one at a time. Many of the Berserker cards have an ability called RAGE that allows you to gain a benefit from the cards you are discarding.

Druid: The Druid is a Human male and another cool character. The Druid plays as a support class, but it can deal lots of damage in the right circumstances. The Druid has the ability to switch between 4 different forms that are denoted on his hero card. When you shift into a form, you actually turn your card to different sides to “shift forms!” Not only is this a cool thematic component, it allows you to keep track of your current form, since many of his abilities do different things depending on the form he is in.

Elemancer: The Elemancer is a male gnome that controls different elements of nature from a magical standpoint. He can harness Earth, Air, Fire, or Water; he has different Focuses that he can play that augment each of the elements and do different things when he deals damage of that type.  He is a very versatile character as far as casters go. He has the ability to produce armor for himself through earth magic, prevent damage that enemies deal through water magic, or just straight melt things with fire or air magic!

Fatebender:  The Fatebender is a female elf that plays a support role. If you couldn’t tell from the name, the Fatebender can… bend fate! She has the ability to scry and look at the cards on top of different decks to determine the future, and in some cases even re-order them to change the outcome of the future turns! She also has several supportive abilities that indirectly help the party, small heals, things that debuff the enemy, and other helpful abilities.

Forgemaster: The Forgemaster is one of my favorite characters and one of the most unique from a character standpoint. The Forgemaster is a male dwarf that plays a support role in the party; his Feat grants a hero the Forge Blessing. At first, the Forge Blessing does absolutely nothing, but it is modified by the different Forge Techniques that the Forgemaster has in play. There are several different Forge Techniques that allow him to do things like grant the target armor, heal them, and even allow them to purchase cards from the city for a lower cost! The Forgemaster can have up to three different Forge Techniques in play at a time, representing the ancient knowledge of the Forgemasters before him to bolster the party!

Monk: The Monk is a male Half Elf that plays a melee damage role in the party. He has several different stances that he can take that do things like grant him additional damage, armor, heal him, or allow him to use more combo cards. His Feat allows him to actually find these different stances in his deck and put them into play, or meditate and gain EXP. Another cool mechanic for the Monk is his Combo system, there are several different Combo cards, ranked 1-3 that he can play. Each rank of Combo card allows him to do different things and cascade rank 1 into rank 2, etc.

Necromancer: The Necromancer is another half Dark-Elf, but this time it’s a male. He plays a caster damage role that may be confusing for some players at first. The Necromancer himself can only deal small amounts of damage, but where he shines is with his cadre of minions! Much of the damage that the Necromancer can deal comes from his minions and not things he does himself. His Feat allows him to reanimate minions that have been destroyed previously to continue to fight under his command!

Paladin: The Paladin is a dwarven male and he is a support character. The Paladin has the most hit points of any character in Foe Hunters, which is good because his Feat allows him to redirect damage that other heroes would take to himself! He generally starts out rather slow, but after a few turns he begins to build up his arsenal of armor and abilities. Once he gets online, he can begin to mitigate damage the party takes, slowly heal them, and even prevent players from dying!

Pathfinder: The Pathfinder is a female elf that plays a melee damage role. She can do surprising amounts of damage on her own, but where she shines is with her minions! Unlike the Necromancer, she only has a few minions that she can play, but she has several abilities that augment the minions and make them stronger. Her Feat is also one of the most powerful in the game! She can mark a target dealing a small amount of damage and then increasing the damage that other Heroes deal against that target for an entire round!

Shaman: The Shaman is a male Lizardfolk that takes a support role in the party. He has several Totems that he can play that have different pieces; each piece allows him to do a different ability. His Feat allows him to active ALL of the spirit abilities on each piece of a single totem he has! He has several abilities that allow him to heal the party or augment them in some way.

Whew.. that was longer than I expected – There you have it, all of the Heroes currently in Foe Hunters. Thanks for taking the time to read about them and learn more about the game. I would love to hear your comments or feedback if you have any! You can either head over to Facebook or Twitter and leave me a comment, or just send me a message through the contact form.

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