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Introduction To Foe Hunters

intro to foe hunters

Hello Everyone!

So, it has been a while since I have updated things, but I am finally ready to start telling the world about my game: Foe Hunters. I have had several people ask me about the game and they like the sound of a co-op fantasy adventure game. I have been working on Foe Hunters for over a year and it is to the point where I want to start talking to people about the game!

So, the question I get asked the most is “What is Foe Hunters?” Foe Hunters is a co-operative fantasy deck building/adventure game. When I say fantasy, I mean D&D style fantasy with dragons and orcs and wizards, the whole shebang. Each player takes the role of a powerful Hero while they work together to defeat the Foe. There are 12 unique heroes in Foe Hunters, each of them have their own unique starting deck. I wont unveil the heroes today, but just think of the classic fantasy archetypes, they are all probably there in one way or another. Instead of being very bland and going “Fighter” “Wizard”, etc; each Hero class is more or less unique with their own mechanics that make them cool and stand out. Each Hero plays in a totally different way as well; their class mechanics actually “feel” like the class you are playing. It is very easy to imagine yourself in the role of one of the Heroes as you face the Foe.┬áSpeaking of the Foe… while the Heroes are building their party and gaining cards they are constantly harassed by the powerful Foe. Currently there are 4 different Foes in the game, each of them is completely different and has unique mechanics that make each game different.

So what makes Foe Hunters different? I mentioned deck building earlier, right? In Foe Hunters, the players are trying to obtain powerful abilities and equipment to help their party defeat the Foe. This isn’t like most deckbuilding games though, where you basically play solitaire with yourself everyturn, discard your hand and say go. No, Foe Hunters works differently; instead of discarding cards to purchase new abilities, your hero has an EXP pool that they use to purchase cards. Whenever you purchase a card, you spend EXP from your pool and buy the card, no discarding required. The other cool thing about Foe Hunters is that when you buy a card, it doesn’t go into your discard for you to play in 10 turns from now; cards you purchase are immediately available for play! Do you need a card to destroy the powerful Equipment the Foe just played? No problem! One of the Heroes is in critical need of healing? Buy the healing ability and use it that turn to buy him another turn!

Over the next few weeks I will be unveiling the Heroes and Foes in Foe Hunters. The game is about to begin blind testing, so it is an exciting time for us! I love to get ideas and feedback from people, so feel free to leave a comment or shoot me a message through the contact form or on Facebook or Twitter. Hopefully I have piqued your interest a little bit today and you are interested in learning more about Foe Hunters!

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