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Official Prototype/Playtest Images!

People have been hounding me for some pictures of the game and the cards. Good news for those of you that wanted a sneak peek, because I finally have some blind testing copies back from the printer. Nothing is final at this stage, but it gives a good idea of the direction and look/feel.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any art to reveal… yet. Once I have some art I will definitely make sure to share, but for now you will just have to live with a couple of images of the cards!

I would love to hear what you think about the layout and look. Like I said, nothing is final, but having feedback from all of you is a great way to make improvements to the design of the game! You can either drop me a message through the contact form or head over to Facebook or Twitter and leave me a note there.

foe hunters Foe deck foe hunters city deck

Thanks for your support everyone!

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